Imagine relaxing around a crackling campfire with friends, gazing up at a star-filled night sky, crickets chirping in the distance and the fire casting a warm amber glow as your friends share jokes and ghost stories. The only thing missing is... snacks! And what's the all time ultimate snack for such a perfect night? You guessed it:


Find a perfect stick, sharpen the end, poke it through that plump little lump of fluffy white goodness... Now hold your marshmallow out over the campfire. Turn it slowly, carefully... not too close to the flames! One false move and your toasty little prize will catch fire and blaze itself to a carbon crisp. But with a light touch and a few well-timed turns, you can roast that marshmallow to perfection!

Oh, yeah. This is gonna be good.

Mmmmm melty marshmallow. Creamy smooth milk chocolate. Crispy crunchy graham cracker. Stack 'em up... and squish.

Enjoy a virtual S'more with S'mores iPhone Application!

Let Mr. Toasty guide you thru the process.

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S'mores App
S'mores App
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S'mores App

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